The concept of blogging, from both an authors and a readers standpoint is interesting to me.  I say interesting because when I wear my “readers” hat, I find that I do not read too many blog posts.  The reason for this could be that through a typical work day I feel inundated with the amount of material that is out there to read.  Between trade journals, the many long emails in my inbox, facebook posts that now include links to blogs to the book I would be reading at any given time (right now it happens to be Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki), there is just so much to take in.  All this valuable information that is placed in front of me creates a sense of guilt when you can’t get to it all.  “If I don’t read this, will I lose my edge?”  “What if one of my peers or bosses reads this and talks about it at the next staff meeting?”

The intent of my blog is triplefold: First, it will be short.  Second, it will be themed such that it is Habits Changing (a form of a How-To).  Third, where I can, I will include video content, so I don’t have to write as much.

Look out for the first official Habits Changing post — it will be out on Feb 6th 2013.