About Francis

Francis Fernando is an eccentrically happy person who credits his accomplishments to always having a positive attitude.  He has and continues to smile through his journey as an engineer, business owner, real-estate investor, author and keynote speaker. 
Francis bought his first income property in 2003 with no formal training or experience in real estate. 
By 2006 he started a property management business that grew to operate $40M in residential multifamily and represented prestigious clients such as Wells Fargo, California National bank & US Bank. 
He is the author of a trademarked book titled Job + Real Estate = Wealth® that serves as a guide on how to invest in multifamily properties while working full-time. 
Today, after selling his property management business, Francis is a sought-after Real Estate Coach & Speaker that helps new & seasoned real estate investors start and grow their portfolios.  He also helps real estate agents become authority-figures in their community by creating sales funnels that nurture and convert in to sales.  
Francis also works at Auction.com, the largest marketplace of distressed real estate.  He coordinates and helps the auctioning of foreclosed properties.
Francis is a graduate of University at Buffalo where he earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering.
Francis is a dad to two incredible sons, a husband, a yogi & fitness enthusiast and lives in Buffalo NY.

“I work with Real Estate Brokers & Agents that are looking to facilitate more sales of income-producing property”

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