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Income Real Estate; Sales for Real Estate Agents; Real Estate Investing; Property Management

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Real Estate Brokerages/Agents; Real Estate Investors

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Actionable, Inspiring, Energetic & Animated

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10 countries including USA, Canada and UAE

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Francis is an engineer who evolved into an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and business trainer that helps entrepreneurs, real estate professionals & agents looking to get their businesses off the ground and quickly generating revenue to be selfsustaining.


Buy Right. Manage Right. Sell Right.  – getting more commission by facilitating more sales of income-producing property

The vast majority of real estate agents compete for the same slice of the pie – the single-family dwelling.

The fact is that income properties offer higher commissions with less competition from others. However, the vast majority of agents mistakenly believe that income properties are too complicated to handle. While the art of buying, managing and selling income property is different, it is easily learnable – the key is to understand the factors that make income property desirable. The rest is simple math and basic people skills.

This presentation can be given as a keynote or workshop.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know the ins & outs of how income property works so you can speak confidently with buyers and sellers.
  • Help buyers understand what is a good deal and how to make offers.
  • Help sellers price their properties appropriately based on income property performance to maximize their listing price.
  • Uncover the traits to establish Trust and communicate with authority.
  • Increase your lead generation by building your “sales machine” using automation.

Multiple Streams of Income for the Real Estate Agent – creating wealth for yourself with income-property

Income Real Estate is a lucrative business. But what’s more lucrative? Buying and selling properties or managing them? The answer is to do it all.

By learning how to buy, manage and sell income properties effectively, real estate agents can expand their business and create valued-added services for their clients.  These value-added services will also place the agent right in front of opportunities and bargains in the marketplace.  By ethically taking advantage of such bargains the agent will be able to build-up their own personal portfolios of income producing property.

This presentation can be given as a keynote or workshop.

Key Takeaways:

  • Analyze and identify cash flowing income real estate using a signature property analysis tool
  • Buy the right properties, manage them profitably, and scale-up your personal portfolio
  • Develop a success team that is comprised of you – the real estate agent and property manager, a banker and an insurance agent
  • Increase your confidence and become known as an income real estate expert in your region
  • Create a pipeline of qualified buyers and sellers using the top lead generation techniques and automating your entire sales system

The Artful Property Manager – Mastering Three Essential Strategies to Scale Your Portfolio

The art of property management comes down to three things: maximizing rents, minimizing expenses and communicating effectively. While property managers have ultimate control over these three areas, many lack effective systems, proper communication strategies, and good relationships with the right contractors. The result is often late rents, stressed out tenants, and repairs that cost more than they should.  By facilitating solutions rather than simply fixing problems, property managers can both attract and handle more clients to scale their portfolios.

This presentation can be given as a keynote or workshop.

Key Takeaways:

  • Develop standard operating procedures that are fully encompassing of the business

  • Create an automated communication system that will keep your property owners aware of all happenings within the property

  • Uncover the top rent-collection strategies that will incentivize your tenants to pay early

  • Ensure that your maintenance contractors are completing the work with a focus on the utmost quality and efficiency

  • Grow your units-under-management using automated lead-generation techniques

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