Sales Funnels for Real Estate Agents

The fact is that income properties offer higher commissions with less competition from others. However, the vast majority of agents mistakenly believe that income properties are too complicated to handle. While the art of buying, managing and selling income property is different, it is easily learnable – the key is to understand the factors that make income property desirable. The rest is simple math and basic people skills.

But here is the MILLION DOLLAR question. How do you position yourself as an authority on income real estate within your community, then create the leads to call you, then nurture those leads to finally do business with you. Well, what if I told you that I have the answer to that? Here is the answer — it is through the power of a sales funnel that is specific to income real estate. You may think, well, that’s a lot of work — I have to create a ton of content to place at the “top” of the funnel and then I have to constantly engage with my clients by calling them often. Now….what if I shocked you and said…..I will do all that for you. Yes, you heard me right! I will create all the content (of course, I will teach you the content too…so you understand what you are putting out) and I will establish all the customer touch-points that is carefully curated to nurture your lead to do business with you (and even better, refer you again and again).

I have so much passion for this work as I have seen the sales funnels in action. These sales funnels helped me grow my property management business from managing ZERO assets to managing $40M worth of income real estate. It pains me every time I see an eager real estate agent spend so much of their hard-earned money to get a real estate license only to spin-their-wheels on silly old strategies that only cost money.

If you want a custom sales funnel that is created just for you — let’s talk.

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