Coach by Your Side

A two-month course to create a clear onboarding map

Investing in real estate remains one of the most effective ways to build both wealth and income.

Imagine if you knew how to identify and buy smart real estate investments so you could increase your assets while getting a regular stream of new income. Then imagine doing all this while keeping the income revenue from your current job!

This course is not a get rich quick scheme, but can help you accumulate wealth and income efficiently and effectively. You will learn real-world skills such as how to find the right investment properties, how to negotiate the purchase of those properties, and then how to manage the property effectively in order to maximize your success.

This purpose of this course is to help you create an additional stream of income using Real Estate.

In order to achieve that goal we will begin by developing the proper mindset of a real estate investor. We will also discover why real estate is such an attractive investment. Finally, we will focus on the skill development that will allow you to take action in the right ways.

Are you ready to learn the skills that will help you significantly increase both your wealth and income?  Why not sign up now? Every month you wait is a month of lost revenue and opportunities.

Original price was: $9,797.00.Current price is: $2,797.00.

  • Over a 2 month period we will Create a very clear onboarding map

  • 4 live 1-on-1 coaching calls where we work together to ensure we buy & analyze the right buildings

  • You will get templates to engage your real estate agent, insurance agent, banker and prop. manager so that they are working for you 

  • A copy of the US Trademarked book titled Job + Real Estate = Wealth

  • Lifetime Access to “Essentials of Making Wealth from Real Estate”

What My Clients Say

“I say, as you starting your new business, work with Francis as you gonna need all the help that you can get and this builds your foundation. You get right support network for you to succeed”
Anna Lee
“Francis masterfully breaks down a complicated process in to a step-by-step guide aimed at creating and sustaining wealth for you and your family”
Chris Thompson